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The following list includes some of the most influential publications in the microcredit and microfinance investment industry.

Featured Articles:

Customer Service Highlights: Exploring Customer Service Excellence Around the World of Microfinance

MicroRate provided case studies from our microfinance institution (MFI) clients on best-in-class customer service examples.  MicroRate congratulates all the MFIs featured in this publication.  The publisher, Deutsche Bank, intends to produce a second edition of the study.

The Impact Investor’s Handbook- Lessons from Microfinance

The Impact Investor’s Handbook , published by Charities Aid Foundation, features several citations of MicroRate and a case study highlighting MicroRate’s efforts to enhance transparency in the microfinance market (see page 17).

Can “Bad” microfinance Practices be the Consequence of too much funding chasing too few microfinance institutions?

“Long the darling of development institution, the media and, yes, even or private investors, microfinance suddenly finds itself on the defensive: are microfinance institutions really helping the poor or are they exploiting them?  A rating agency provides a unique vantage point from which to search for answers. …”Read more of Damian’s foreword on page 7.

General Articles:

View PDF Garbage in, garbage out: Data quality in the microfinance sector (2013)

View PDF The Tipping Point- Over-indebtedness and Investment in Microfinance (MicroRate and MIX)

View PDF Inter-American Dialogue-Outlook on Microfinance in Latin America (2012)

View PDF Microfinance Banana Skins 2011: Losing its Fairy Dust

View PDF Financial Access 2010:The State of Financial Inclusion Through the Crisis CGAP

View PDF Global microscope on the microfinance business environment 2011 An index and study by the Economist Intelligence Unit

View PDF “Banks Making Big Profits From Tiny Loans” New York Times featuring MicroRate’s founder and chairman

View PDF All Eyes on Microfinance Asset Quality: Microfinance Global Valuation Survey J.P. Morgan and CGAP (2010)

View PDF Microfinance Banana Skins Follow-Up: A Different World (2010)

View PDF Microbanking Bulletin No. 20 MIX Market (2010)

Microfinance Investment:

View PDF Risky Business: An Empirical Analysis of Foreign Exchange Risk Exposure in Microfinance

MFX Solutions (2011) Resources from MFX Solutions (2011):

View PDF How to Identify, Quantify, and Manage FX Risk

View PDF Understanding FX Spot Transactions

View PDF Understanding FX Forwards

View PDF Understanding Cross Currency Swaps

View PDF Understanding Non-Derivative Hedging Alternatives

View PDF CGAP Focus Note 44 Foreign Capital Investment into Microfinance: Balancing Social and Financial Returns (2008)

View PDF Microfinance: An Emerging Investment Opportunity Deutsche Bank (2007)

Tools for MFIs:

CGAP and Grameen Foundation published 3 Guides to help microfinance institutions (MFIs) better understand loan guarantees, securitization and equity investments.  The Guides include annotated sample agreements, as well as tips and recommendations that MFIs can use to address their funding needs and concerns.

View PDF Guide for MFIs- Guarantee Agreements

View PDF Guide for MFIs-Securitization

View PDF Guide for MFIs- Equity Investments

Read Microfinance News
Technical Guide: Performance and Social Indicators for Microfinance Institutions
Washington D.C., May 16th 2014. - MicroRate published the Technical Guide: Performance and Social Indicators for Microfinance Institutions. This document gives the interpretation and calculation of the industry’s 18 most commonly used performance indicators.Four new indicators focus on social performance. … Continue reading