Our Team

MicroRate- Washington D.C.

Damian von Stauffenberg, Founder & CEO

Damian founded MicroRate, the first rating agency to specialize in microfinance in 1997. MicroRate was designed to provide transparency and in that way attract commercial funding sources to microfinance. Prior to starting MicroRate, Damian worked with the World Bank and its private sector affiliate, the International Finance Corporation for 25 years. Damian is widely referred to as a pioneer of the microfinance industry and continues to develop new ideas for promoting its growth. Actually he is the CEO of MicroRate Inc. Damian von Stauffenberg biography



MicroRate- Lima, Peru

Maria Belén Effio, General Manager

Maria joined MicroRate as an analyst at the beginning of 2003 and is now the General Manager of MicroRate’s Latin America and Caribbean office. Prior to joining MicroRate, Maria was an economist working in the banking sector with small business credit. She also worked with investment portfolios and microfinance evaluations. Maria holds degrees in social sciences and economics and has an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa in Spain. She is fluent in English and Spanish.



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