MicroRate's team has the regional knowledge and expertise required to conduct and perform ratings. The quality and accuracy of our products is widely recognized in the microfinance industry.

  • MICRORATE - WASHINGTON D.C. Damian von Stauffenberg

    Founder and President

    A pioneer of specialized microfinance ratings. In the course of his extensive 25-year career at the World Bank and its affiliate, the IFC (International Finance Corporation), he has held a variety of management positions, and represented this institution as the Director of several financial institutions in the Caribbean. Inspired by this experience, he founded MicroRate independently in 1997.

    He is currently the President of the International Rating Committee. Damian is an icon in the microfinance sector at the global level, thanks to the broad view he has gained throughout his experience in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.


    Chief Executive

    An economist who holds an International MBA from the Instituto de Empresa (Spain), and with experience in the fields of investment and banking, Maria Belén joined MicroRate in 2003. Since then, she has performed credit ratings, institutional ratings, social ratings, portfolio ratings and special evaluations in a variety of MFIs (microfinance institutions) in 17 African, Latin American and Caribbean countries. As Regional Manager, she has succeeded in consolidating MicroRate’s name in Latin America, and has contributed to reinforcing transparency in the sector, as well as developing new markets for microfinance.


    Head of Operations

    A professional in Economics and Finance, she has a solid track record, with more than 8 years spent in the rating industry, predominantly that of microfinance institutions. Since joining MicroRate in 2009, she has taken part in and led a large number of rating missions, performing institutional evaluations and portfolio ratings, credit ratings and social performance ratings in over 12 countries in Latin America (including Brazil) and the Caribbean. Mayumi is responsible for maintaining the high standards of quality that characterize MicroRate. She directs the In-house Subcommittee on Evaluation Methodology, Social Rating and Client Protection Principles.


    Regional Coordinator, Mexico

    Roxana is a professional in Statistical and Computer Engineering, specializing in the Design and Evaluation of Investment Projects. Having had experience at government level and with aid agencies, she took on the post of regional coordinator. She has taken part in the development of various market studies and social assessments. Since 2013, Roxana has been carrying out social, credit and institutional ratings in various Latin America MFIs. Today, she is also charged with representing MicroRate in the international SPTF (Social Performance Task Force) initiative, and of continually improving social methodology.


    Senior Analyst

    Eduardo is an Economist with an MBA degree from Cornell University and a Master in Finance degree from Universidad del Pacífico. 

    A significant part of his career has been in risk analysis departments at financial entities in Peru and the US. Initially, he focused on sectoral analysis, shifting later to financial and institutional analysis as his career progressed. He even worked as an Instructor in the Economics Department at New York State University. 

    Eduardo participates in rating missions in Africa and Latin America involving institutional, credit, and social ratings, and is a member of the In-house Subcommittee on credit ratings.

  • MICRORATE - DAKAR HEADQUARTERS Andoniaina Ramangason

    Risk Analyst

    Ando is a finance professional who holds a Master’s degree in Accountancy and Financial Management. She is in charge of the development of MicroRate´s activities within the African and Asian continents. She has a wide experience in the microfinance and finance sectors. Ando has been working for international organizations including Microfinance Information Exchange in the MIX Market department where she worked for several years as Regional Financial Analyst covering Africa and MENA regions.